What programs do you offer?

At Team Howell we want offer programs that appeal to anyone looking to get strong and get results. Our strength and conditioning programs are built around simple and straightforward barbell training. Our programs will help you learn an easy and effective way to get stronger while minimizing your risk of injury. We are here to assist your training through one-on-one coaching, so that you can build your strength each and every day you show up.

Is this the same as CrossFit?

NO. We know that what we do is better and more effective than CrossFit. Our Strength & Conditioning Training Program is based around a simple, safe and effective program, adjusted to your level of skill, strength and fitness. Keep in mind that anyone can become a CrossFit instructor with a $1,000 and a two day weekend course. I wouldn't place my health and body in the hands of someone that barely know much more than the average gym goer.

What lifts can expect to do at Team Howell?

At Team Howell we focus on five core lifts that people have been relying on for generations to get strong. These lifts are simple basic movements we use every day to stand up, pick up, push, pull, but they are done under a load. We’ll work with you to increase your strength in the squat, deadlift, bench press, overhead press and power clean. These lifts are not fancy but they will get you stronger. With proper rest and nutrition you’ll build strength quickly and safely.

Are deadlifts and squats bad for your back and knees?

No, however poorly performed deadlifts and squats are. With our help you will properly perform deadlift and squat lifts that will not only strengthen your back and knees but will help to make your knees and back feel better. Again, our attention to correct lift technique and appropriate weight will keep you lifting, building strength and feeling good.

I want to get stronger but I don’t want an injury.

Injury is a risk as with any strength building/exercise program. At Team Howell we work directly with you to ensure you are using proper form in all of the lifts/exercises you do here. We’ll push you to work hard and at a weight/level that you are capable of. You won’t find us adding countless pounds of weight to your bar just to see if you can lift it. And you won’t find a one size fits all approach. We offer you an individualized exercise and strength training program that puts your safety first.

I’m a woman...will weight lifting make me bulky?

This is a very common question we receive from women looking to start resistance training. For a majority of women, adding a significant amount of muscle is very difficult. In order for most women to get the look they desire, they must gain some muscle to add curves in all the right places, and also lose body fat to show off the muscle they have gained.

Will I be very sore? I don’t want to get injured.

Look, any workout program you start is going to leave you sore at some points. When you start our program you’ll find that all of our workouts are scaled to you. We want you to work hard but not so hard that you put yourself at risk for an injury. We want to see you go at your own pace gaining strength while improving your capacity and form. At our gym, we’ll NEVER ask you to push through pain or force you to keep pushing through to the extent that your form suffers. We want to see you train smarter, that means taking time for recovery days. You may not know this but recovery days are part of the process and allow you to get stronger, feel better and move better. So...to be clear, you’ll experience soreness but it won’t be debilitating or due to injury.

Am I too old?

No. As we age we actually need strength training more to help us maintain a strong physical mind and body. We have clients in their 50s and 60s that are getting life changing results. Our approach to strength training minimizes the risk of injury while getting stronger than you ever thought possible.

Am I too out of shape?

No, Our programs are tailored to meet you where you are at physically, so that you can start day one on the road to better health & increased strength. Our trainers will work with you to start off gradually, progressing you as it is appropriate for you. Many of our members start our programs after years of sedentary lifestyles. You don’t have to be fit to start but you do have to start to get fit. Get it?

I want to lose weight, do you have a program for me?

Weight loss is primarily driven by nutrition. Exercise is an important element for weight loss to take place BUT it is a distant second to proper nutrition. Our Strength & Conditioning Training Classes will support a well balanced nutrition plan to help you achieve the weight loss results you seek. Good nutrition will not only help you lose weight, it will also help you build and retain the muscle you are building in class.

Is everyone at your gym in really good shape?

Let us reassure you that our members are a very diverse group of individuals at various stages of their strength journey, you will be a part of the team working to get stronger each and every day.

Do you offer discounts?

YES. We offer insurance reimbursement, military, police, fire, EMT discounts. Message for more info.